The Don’t Shoot The Messenger podcast brings you interesting conversations about careers in communications.

I started the podcast during COVID lockdown #2, when the recruitment market was slow and needed to find a purpose beyond baking banana bread.

Having interviewed thousands of candidates during my 20-year recruitment career, many of them fascinating, I figured at least some of those people would want to share their stories. And so, one sunny afternoon, I persuaded my PR Director husband to be my guinea pig, and together we recorded the pilot episode.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to talk to inspiring people across the corporate communications spectrum. We explore topics ranging from portfolio careers and flexible working, through to specific challenges like corporate activism, managing crises and pitching for business.

I tease out some priceless advice from the experts, as well as embarrassing stories along the way.

This is the podcast for you if you want to get ahead in communications.

The podcast is available on all the usual channels including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Or you can listen to it right here. Come back to this page every other Friday for new episodes.