The Clear Career Path

The one-to-one coaching programme for communications professionals, to get clear and confident in your career.

A tailored one-to-one coaching programme, to help you move forward with your career goals, change jobs, transition to a new career, or even start a business. You decide on the agenda. I will guide you towards the result you want.

The Clear Career Path is for you if:

📌 You feel stuck at a crossroads, and don’t know what direction to take your career

📌 You’ve lost your confidence because of negative experiences at work

📌 You’re looking for a new job, or a complete career change

📌 You dream of doing something with more purpose

📌 Your thoughts are tangled; you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

A four month coaching programme which will give you:

✅ Clarity about your career direction and how to get there

✅ A clear understanding of your skills, strengths and USP, giving you the confidence to speak up in the loudest rooms

✅ A stand-out CV and all-star LinkedIn profile

✅ A proactive strategy to increase your visibility and attract your dream employer or ideal client

✅ Confidence and practical tools to move towards your goals

Why me?

Vicki Marinker candid career coach

📌 I know what hiring managers are looking for. I am a career coach with 23 years’ comms recruitment experience.

📌 I started my career in PR and have a strong communications network. I have been in your shoes, and I speak your language.

📌 I know what it’s like to be a candidate in the communications industry. I found the experience so challenging, I became a recruiter to see if I could do it better!

📌 I’ve been bullied, bored and burnt out. I was overlooked for promotion during maternity leave, and finally left to start my own business.

📌 I have experienced the comms industry from all angles – as a consultant, a candidate, a hiring manager, a recruiter and now a coach. I can help you see your challenges from a different perspective.

📌 I’m a LinkedIn Top Voice for Careers and Job Search. I built my coaching business through LinkedIn without being icky. My mission is to ‘pay it forward’. I can help you raise your visibility the same way.

“Vicki is quite simply brilliant. She has a way of seeing you better than you can see yourself, of helping you find the confidence to take the next step, and creating a space where you can explore the good and the bad. She helped me unlock a level of bravery I never expected, and to get to the heart of what I love. I will be eternally grateful to her. And I know any client will find her support on their journey invaluable.”

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What is The Clear Career Path?

Vicki Marinker candid career coach

The three-pillar framework for our coaching is Reflect; Rebrand; Reactivate.

Stage One: Reflect

✅ Career and life goals

✅ Values, passions and motivators

✅ Ikigai – create a fulfilling career

✅ Skills, strengths and USP

✅ Your non-negotiables

✅ What work you want to do, and who you want to do it for/with

✅ The plan to get from A to B

Stage Two: Rebrand

🎯 Ensuring your personal brand is fit for the future and will attract your ideal employer/client

🎯 Elevator pitch

🎯 Profile statement that’s eyecatching and unique

🎯 Craft a stand out CV that opens doors

🎯 All-star LinkedIn profile to raise your visibility

Stage Three: Reactivate

Depending on your objectives we can cover:

🔥 LinkedIn strategy to maximise your success as a job seeker, freelancer or business owner

🔥 Networking and outreach

🔥 Applications and cover letters

🔥 Interview preparation

🔥 Working with recruiters

🔥 Conquering the hidden job market

🔥 Support with your new business plan

It’s a framework, not a template

🧭 Your needs are unique. Our programme will be too

🧭 You will have a BIG agenda with an overall goal, and each week you might have little agenda issues you’d like to bring to coaching

🧭 It is your decision what you would like coaching on each week. We can take as many squiggles as you like

Also, we’ll have fun!

Your investment

Included in the programme:

✅ 8 x 1 hour coaching sessions on Zoom, usually fortnightly

✅ 15 minutes of additional support every week of our programme. Available at short notice

✅ CV review session with suggested edits & follow up

✅ LinkedIn profile page & strategy training followed up with personalised strategy document

✅ Ongoing support via LinkedIn DM

✅ Facebook group (women only): Boss Your Confidence

Your investment in this programme is £2,400, to be paid in full before our first session.

I’m ready, let’s talk!

Still have questions?

Do you provide refunds?

I do not offer refunds, to ensure that clients are fully committed to the coaching process.

Can you guarantee success?

There is no magic pill. If you follow the guidance provided, complete the homework and make the most of our coaching sessions, you will have all the tools and techniques you need to reach your goals. But I can’t do the work for you.

How long is the programme?

We will have eight hour-long sessions of coaching. Most clients complete the programme within four months. I recommend fortnightly calls to give you a chance to think, process and take action between sessions.

What are your credentials?

I am an ICF ACC (Associate Certified Coach), a CTI (Co-Active Institute) trained coach, and a Licenced Firework Career Coach. I started my career in PR, followed by 23 years in PR & comms recruitment. I have over 400 hours of one-to-one and group coaching experience, and am a LinkedIn trainer and Top Voice for Careers & Job Search.

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If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree!

I will tailor The Clear Career Path specifically for you, so please complete the questionnaire and let me know what you need.

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