Hello. I’m Vicki.

Vicki Marinker, career coach, recruitment consultant and podcaster

My career has taken several twists and turns, some of which were intentional, others were happy accidents.

In brief: six years as a PR consultant in B2B, tech and corporate PR agencies, followed by over 20 years as a corporate communications recruiter (with a short stint in beauty and blogging in between).

Since 2014 I’ve been self-employed – initially as a makeup artist (long story, which you can read here), before returning to recruitment as a founding partner of Comms Leaders, a specialist recruitment consultancy.

During lockdown #2 I started a podcast, making the most of my extensive network and channelling my inner Emily Maitliss. I have loved learning about specific areas of communications.

I am passionate about personal development and make it my mission to learn a new skill every year. I have taken numerous courses, including makeup artistry, Reiki, social media marketing and coaching. In the last year, I’ve taught myself how to create and edit a podcast, use a sewing machine and plant seedlings. I failed at that last one – the dog dug them all up. But I did learn from the experience – that I hate gardening.

What does all this mean to you? Well, now I knit together all my skills and experience to support people to make the most of their careers. I love helping people. So whether you need practical advice to create a brilliant CV or shine in interviews; or coaching so that you can find the answers you’re looking for, I am here to support you.

You will find a wealth of useful information and personal insights on the blog.¬†And if you’re here out of curiosity, you can find out what comms is all about on the podcast.

Please get in touch.

Best wishes